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Celloscope Banking Platform is an open architecture and extensible banking services platform which supports and enables a number of key features for a bank under a single platform. The key components of Celloscope Banking Platform are best visualized through the feature and component diagram below. As depicted key component of Celloscope Banking Platform are:

  • Core Transaction Component
  • Accounting Component
  • Business Rule Processor
  • Security Component
  • Compliance Component
  • Banking Product Engine
  • Delivery Channel Engine
  • Customer and Account Management Engine
  • External System Integration Engine
  • Systems Management Component
  • Portal and Dashboard
  • Reporting Engine


Celloscope offers a highly secure and robust Agent and Mobile Banking platform to the banking industry, which can be integrated with existing banking infrastructure, mobile and data networks, and payment gateways. It enables a bank’s customers, staffs and agents to access banking services securely and effortlessly using their mobile handset from anywhere, anytime, even while on the go.


Celloscope Platform is designed to cater to different financial institutions with common as well as unique need. The platform is flexible enough to be used by for-profit and not-for-profit organizations alike. The challenges faced by developing nations when it comes to providing financial services has always been considered during design and implementationphases.

Benefits for Banks

Celloscope’s Banking Platform helps banks increase service penetration, enhance customer loyalty and stickiness, reduce cost of operations and increase revenue. With mobile banking, banks can empower its customers (directly or through agents) to securely access their bank accounts using mobile phones to get information of their accounts like available balance, transactions.

Competitive Advantages

Celloscope Banking Platform certainly will give banks a competitive advantage over other banks offering same kind of services to their clientele. It will allow banks to come to market with new and enhanced banking services in a shorter time frame with a significant cost reduction. In terms of both time to market and delivery cost Celloscope Banking Platform has all the potential.


Our Humble Beginnings

Celloscope started with a simple goal: provide financial institutes with a platform toextend their services to far-reaching people,something they cannot do with a brick and mortar model. With that goal, CELLOSCOPE has developed a robust platform aggregating the individual strength of a few good friends.

  • 2009-2010

    The story behind CELLOSCOPE started long before the company was formally launched. The six individuals behind CELLOSCOPE, located dispersedlyaround the globe had exchanged ideas and thoughts for many months waiting all along for the time when they all would meet to discuss things in person.

  • 2011-2012

    Around two years back, they got that much awaited opportunity to meet in Dhaka to discuss their plans. As usual, they started off with common topics like growing old,getting bored, missing Dhaka, and of course they all laughed out loud over memories of funny old stories. As conversation floated about on that afternoon, before long, it led to exploring possibilities of putting together their collective knowledge to address common needs in Bangladesh and beyond.

  • 2013

    With degrees in engineering and having spent most of their professional years in and around technologies, they can easily be labeled as an assembly of typical nerdsand geeks. Surprisingly, this crowd does not fall into that stereotyped category; they still listen to their music, search the night sky for falling stars, and read their fictions.This attribute, above all, gives them the edge over their competitors. They can think outside the realm of technology and relate easily to the need of their clients. This quality coupled with their command over technology gives CELLOSCOPE its unique flavor.

  • 2014-2015

    On an individual level, the ideas and expertise they possess were varied, and seemed apparently incoherent. In a nutshell they are:

    • Hafiz's company in New York builds complex backend software for Wall Street firms.

    • Rusho's company in Dhaka creates feature-rich Android based applications for clients in US.

    • Asif's people build sophisticated banking and telecom software for large corporations, here and abroad.

    • Rasul is ready to roll up his sleeves once again to deploy his army of agents as he had done earlier in his career.

    • Shabbir, the financial wizard among the crowd, is excited about the prospect of growth for the new company.

    • Rubayat is full of claims that agent banking can trigger a paradigm shift in the lives of average people in Bangladesh.

    Everyone in that meeting put forth some unique proposition, propositions that could complement each other towards achieving a common goal.

    At the end, they all wandered: why not put it all under one roof? And, that is exactly what they did. CELLOSCOPE, the company, came into being on that summer afternoon; a company where people with a zealto utilize technology to solve real life issues joined hands.

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